During my time at the Brisbane Lions the Queensland Sports Medicine Centre (QSMC) were the organization involved keeping the Lions boys on the field. I still use this awesome facility today when and see my preferred physical therapist when required. The highly skilled and credentialed team of physios is large, featuring both male and female physios to suit your preference. They are based at the Gabba Stadium at Gate 2 in Woolloongabba. They always provide elite professional treatment to all customers across all ages. Over the years they have treated many high profile athletes from Olympians, boxers, cyclists and cricketers, which speaks for itself hence their quality reputation. They also feature a rehabilitation and training facility just 200m away adding a great string to their bow.

About QSMC

The Queensland Sports Medicine Centre was established with the aim of restoring optimal function to the sporting and general population, in the shortest possible time. Although many of our clients are elite athletes, the majority are active, everyday people in pursuit of optimal health and fitness.The centre uses a multi-disciplinary team involving physiotherapists, sports doctors and surgeons, podiatrists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, sports psychologists and Pilates instructors to help clients overcome injury, maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve their personal athletic goals.

All practitioners are highly regarded in their respective fields and committed to continuing education. Many have worked at a National or International level with Australian athletes.

Patient education is viewed with critical importance so that clients fully understand their rehabilitation process, and can make the training and lifestyle changes required for optimal recovery and prevention of further injury.

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Football has connected to me to many wonderful specialists and I’m very proud to have met this particular person. Miranda O’hara from ‘Restore Function’ has become a lady I trust and believe in. During my very short coaching career with the Brisbane Lions AFLW team I have been able to witness her professionalism and attention to detail. Women’s sport is a new and exciting space to work in however it comes with its challenges. Those challenges involve working with 30 women from the ages  (18-32 years of age) who have never really been exposed to professional sport and its demands. It’s ruthless and relentless. They must understand their bodies, knowing how to self treat, knowing when to speak up when their body just isn’t performing or if there is an issue of some sort. Building strong relationships is important with any health care professional and Miranda is great at this. If you are a female or male athlete or just a member from the general public, Miranda’s expertise are wonderful. I highly recommend Miranda and her team should you ever be in need.

About Restore Function

Restore Function Physiotherapy & Pilates delivers personalized care tailored to your individual problem and goals. Comprehensive assessments and evidence-based treatments are provided to clients of all ages, sporting levels and complex conditions. If you’re sidelined by a sports injury, recovering from surgery or undergoing rehabilitation, Restore Function Physiotherapy & Pilates can help you. We specialize in musculoskeletal conditions, sporting injuries, spinal pain and neurological rehabilitation.


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Whilst playing I never really look to pursue the advice from a chiropractor. It wasn’t until I retired that I was outside the four walls of an AFL footy club and no longer under the care of the Lions that I was forced to look at all options. I joined the a new local team here in Brisbane called the Western Magpies  . I was super excited for a fun year in the QAFL here in Brisbane.  They team was set up quite well and to my surprise they had a Chiropractor on hand at all sessions. Josh Shea from BODYKEY CHIROPRACTICS is the guy I refer to. Josh has his own clinic located at Indoorpilly. Josh is a extremely considerate person and understood my situation from day one. His amazing knowledge of the human body helped educate me and pointed out where I needed to improve. I was able to keep my lower back aligned and in check from week to week with his guidance. Josh’s experience is second to none having ran his own practice for more than 10 years.

About Bodykey

BodyKey chiropractic has been servicing the Western Suburbs of Brisbane for over 15 years providing modern chiropractic care and rehabilitation exercise to care for family, friends and athletes wanting to regain pain free movement and stability.

Clinic Mission – Our primary purpose is to provide our patients with quality chiropractic health care and personal attention -‐ listening to our patients and treating them with dignity, compassion and courtesy.

What is Chiropractic? – Chiropractic is a health profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the effects of these disorders on the nervous system and general health. There is an emphasis on manual therapies such as spinal manipulation soft tissue and rehabilitation exercise, as well as, well-being and lifestyle modifications.


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Dale Boase Massgae and Soft Tissue Therapy

We all know a massage is the best way to relax…No No No. This is no Bali massage, in fact it’s the complete opposite. If you are looking for quality deep tissue sports massage then you will need to book in with Dale Boase. He is the man to see here in Brisbane!!! Dale has his own clinic over in Sherwood and has been assisting the Brisbane Lions for the past 14years massaging the likes of Jonathan Brown, Simon Black, Daniel Merrett and Luke Power. He is super professional and offers insight to mechanisms that cause tightness in all 99% of your body. All athlete’s at some point will need some kind of sports massage to release those aches and pains and basically keep your body feeling healthy. His massage methods are also useful for the everyday Mum and Dad meaning  so you don’t have to be an athlete to see Dale.

Just be prepared for a solid massage NOT a massage by the pool in Bali !

You can contact Dale via text message on (07) 3278 6988 and his clinic is at 114/116 Oxley Rd, Chelmer QLD 4068



Ok so I had never given Yoga any thought what so ever during my time in sport. I mean at the Eagles we had a few stretching sessions and if you wanted more there was a Yoga teacher who we could go visit. Things changed in QLD and it opened my eyes. In 2014/15 Yoga was introduced into the Lions den. I found this super beneficial especially because I was getting older as a player and with that needed to stay on top of my mobility and flexibility. The session we had at the Lions were invaluable. After I retired I missed the feeling of Yoga and the energy it created. So I have reunited with the Yoga teacher who helped us out at the Lions. Simon Curl a former NBL star was that Yoga teacher. His passion for Yoga has seen him build his own brand here in Brisbane called Raw Power Yoga. His clinic is an amazing new facility in Albion. My go to session is the ‘long, slow, deep’ session and often choose the night time session as it best suits my schedule. These sessions are amazing and remove the negative energy that sometimes life can generate. I highly recommend Simon and his clinic Raw Power Yoga to get your YOGI on.

About Raw Power Yoga

Raw Power Yoga has Brisbane’s Leading Power Yoga studio. With the Albion Studio open and looking after some of Australia’s leading professional athletes Brisbane Lions, QLD Firebirds and the Brisbane Bronco’s just to name a few our studio’s are highly regarded through out the country. Our modern approach to the traditions and philosophies of yoga creates a space of acceptance and respect to all. We embrace consciousness, connection and freedom.Our classes are the ideal combination of athleticism with play and are challenging, yet fun. You like a strong, inverted class? Maybe a long, slow and deep stretch? Or an organic ebb and flow? We have a class that will give you what you need, on whichever day you need it.

Raw Power Yoga Teachers understand the necessity of safety and alignment to ensure your well being. We are passionate, dedicated yogi’s who lead by example: we walk the walk and practice beside you. The Raw Power Yoga studio is brimming with natural light and vibrant energy – this is your space to feel empowered without comparison. Yoga is fun! Strengthen your body, calm your mind and join our community on the mat.

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There is nothing quite like a good sweat session. My sweat session of choice is Boxing and my go to guy is Chris Rose. Chris runs his business ‘Chris Rose Boxing’ out of a facility in Coorparoo. I was introduced to Chris through a friend of mine about 5 yrs  ago who was training for a charity fight. It was off season for me when we met and straight away I knew this was the training I needed to keep me motivated and focused for the grueling pre-season that was ahead. Chris was great at understanding the training I required. He even assisted with my boxing technique and tricks that improve power and general training habits. Lets be honest I’m a lover not a fighter but this kind of training I really do enjoy. Chris works in half hour time slots and is flexible with days and times. However throughout most of the year he is pretty busy due to high demand for this kind of training. Chris is now involved with the Brisbane Lions senior AFL team helping them during their pre-season and in season programs offering intense cardio sessions. Chris also assists players with their fitness returning from injury and also helps players looking to do top up session outside of normal training hours. Get in there and see “rosie” he is a legend who will give you a great experience.

About Chris Rose Boxing

Chris Rose Boxing is changing people. It’s a ‘one-stop fitness shop’ and it’s kicking Brisbane bodies into serious shape.
Professional athletes, corporate groups, new Mum’s, retiree’s, model’s and active Police officers are all fighting to get into the ring with Chris Rose as he delivers a workout that actually works!
A mental battle as much as a physical one, Chris Rose Boxing pushes you out of your comfort zone and into a stronger, fitter and more energized life, with increased levels of confidence and self-defense to boot. At the end of every session you’ll feel the immediate benefits of a high intensity workout, major stress relief, and improved mental clarity. You’ll be dripping in sweat but desperate to lock in your next session. It’s a formula that will guarantee your fitness success!


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Nourish Meals

At NOURISH MEALS we believe fueling your body with the best foods is key to an active and happy lifestyle. We strongly stand behind the philosophy of J.E.R.F. (Just Eat Real Food) and all of our food is prepared with natural, unprocessed ingredients and lots of care about what goes in your body.

We work with our LOCAL suppliers and search high and low to bring you the best PREMIUM ingredients we can source responsibly. We hand make all of our selection daily including our range of snacks & health based treats.

Our food is 100% GLUTEN FREE and we cater to almost all allergies, intolerance’s or ways of eating.

About Nourish Meals

These guys are by the best in the business. They produce fresh clean food and you order specifically to suit your own body type. The team will work with you to make sure the correct food is provided and are gluten and vegan friendly. Their home base is at a cafe called Wilde Kitchen located in Teneriffe. Once your meals have been selected, ordered and paid for then all that is left is collection. You can let the team know what days and times best suit you to collect your fresh meals. I personally collect 4 meals on a Monday and the  collect another 4 meals on a Thursday. These meals are cooked fresh and taste best when not frozen and just kept cool in the fridge for a couple of days. You will have no problems with taste as their entire selection is absolutely delicious. If you are looking to save time but still have THE BEST food then you will love Nourish Meals. Quality all round from thee guys. “Highly Impressed”


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