Online Skill Assessment

Online Skill Assessment

For those athletes out there who require a skill assessment then you must be a member of “MY TEAM”.

An Online Skill Assessment allows me to access and review as many skills as you would like based on what you wish to send in. You decide what you want reviewed. You have someone film you performing a skill then upload it and submit to me. I will do a full review of where you need to improve and the best ways you go about it. I provide you with feedback to enhance improvement in your skill development.

Those who have played the game of AFL will know that the game tests you with a large variety of skills and kicking a football is a skill like no other on this planet. The kick needs to be executed with precision, timing, power and feel. For some this can be a natural skill becoming an elite kick. There are others who battle with the technique and never fully master the skill of kicking but still manage to kick the ball well. Kicking the ball is the most important skill of all make no mistake. If you can’t kick to ball to a target then you will struggle to play the game. Other skills to be mastered include the handball, the mark, the bounce, the tackle. On top of these important skills, other abilities required to play the game of AFL include agility, running, jumping, landing, strength and body work.

S-Skills helps you get quality coaching and feedback. I want you to improve!!!

If are an aspiring footballer that lives local or interstate both male/female, or you live in remote parts of Australia unable to access a football club then this will suit you. You now have to ability to become a member and send vision of yourself to me to be looked at and reviewed.

The first step to an assessment – the athlete is required to become a member. You then are required to fill out an information sheet so I can learn more about you by understanding your ability.

Then the FUN begins!!!

So how do I begin an Online Skills assessment?

It’s SIMPLE guys – You film your kicks, handballs, marks, tackles (whatever skill you like) on your phone or tablet and submit to me Brent Staker using the My TEAM app to be reviewed in full. To film your skill being performed I suggest an app called ‘Swing Catalyst’ which can be downloaded from he app store and is FREE. Once you have the app set up on your device you can then begin to film your kicks and other skills – then upload via the MY TEAM app to me. It’s very simple making it an easy way to receive specialist-coaching feedback on your technique.

Looking forward to working with you to help your become better, faster, stronger and more SKILLFULL.